Kiss Nail Dress

Another freebie from my awesome Influenster Holiday VoxBox was Kiss Nail Dress – sort of stickers for your finger and toe nails. Hopefully my horrible frankenfeet haven’t horribly put you off the above photo. I was medium impressed by these nail stickers. To begin with, I would never have bought anything leopard print. It’s just not my cup of tea. That said, it is a whole lot of other people’s cup of tea -and the package came with a little pamphlet that had lots of other color and design options that I would actually possibly pick. They were easy to apply other than it isn’t too easy to change the width of the sticker. They’re designed so you put them on, fold them over your nail and the end and then file them. I was a little sketical, but that part was actually really easy to do. I wound up having to use nail clippers to get the stickers off the sides of my toes next to the nail though.

The package comes with 28 stickers, so I may donate the rest to my cousin, who was way more excited than I was when I got these. Overall, I might possibly buy them again, but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to do so. It is very convenient that they are immediately dry and it probably only took me about as long as it takes me to paint my nails to stick these to my toes.

The box claims they should stay on for up to 10 days, so we’ll see if that actually works out.

Overall, I’ve give them a B-,C+ grade.


One thought on “KISS NAIL DRESS Review

  1. […] My favorite item in the box was the Kiss Nail Dress, essentially stickers for your nails. I had my doubts, but they’ve stood up well to a week of work and they were pretty easy to apply. I only didn’t like the pattern they sent me. I’m hoping for a different pattern if I qualify for another box from Influenster. The review for that can be found here. […]

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